Thursday, September 04, 2008

New Camera??

I am wanting to get a new "big girl" camera soon. I've been trying to read reviews but I find the best way to really find out about something is by asking. I don't want it so expensive that I'm afaid to use it or take it anywhere but I want something that you can change the lenses out if you want.

I got a recommendation from a fellow blogger of a Nikon D40 but if anyone else has any suggestions please let me know.


Amber said...

Ben (my brother-in-law) knows a lot about cameras!!! He can help! He also does GREAT ebay shopping for stuff like that!!!!!

Kelly said...

Thanks for leaving a comment - I LOVE The name Finley. Your Finley is precious! I was very sad about crazy Lisa Marie using those names. I don't even know why - like it matters. ha!
P.S. I saw below that you think you and Elisabeth Hassleback would be BFF if you knew each other. I am SO with you! I love her - that was the only Survivor I ever watched and I have adored her ever since.
I don't think you are a stalker- please comment again!!!

becca said...

I saw you on Kelly's site and came over to visit. I had to comment when I read you love Elisabeth b/c I do too. I'd love to go on the view just so I could cheer loudly whenever Elisabeth says something I TOTALLY agree with, but apparently no one else in the room does!
Sure wish I had her email...