Sunday, October 29, 2006

Last Weekend

Last weekend we had some friends from Northwest Arkansas come visit us. We love having visitors and it's always nice to hear someone else with a Southern accent! We went to NYC for the weekend where fall was in the air.... here are a few pics from the weekend.

Central Park

Skating Rink- Is it winter yet??

My silly Husband

Beautiful Fall Colors

Mums in Central Park

Carmen and I in Little Italy

It's A....

Girl!! We found out Friday and as far as they can tell we're having a girl. I am so excited!! I always said that I wanted a boy first, mostly cause I have an older brother, but when I got pregnant for some reason I really wanted a girl! Her name will be Finley Grace Vanhook- no reason for the name we just both really like it and it's a little different.

We are mostly thankful that everything they could see on the ultrasound is normal and they said that she looked great!! She was being very active in there (maybe cause I had a carmel latte before going in there to help get her hyper!) which is weird cause I still don't feel like I feel her yet. She's pretty cute and I can't wait for all you to meet her.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

OK... I've been sucked into the life of blogging. I have never understood the significance of blogging, but I think that it is more or less just journaling your life... so here I go. There have been so many times that I have thought, "I need to write this down!" Of course, I never do, and the precious memories are forgotten and I know it's only going to get worse with kids.

The next few months will be exciting for me and my family and living so far away this is a good way for everyone to keep up. Richard and I are expecting a baby at the end of March. We are very intimidated by this huge responsibility but are confident that the Lord does not give you anymore than you can handle. We are excited and we find out in 2 days whether or not it will be a boy or girl so it's about to get really real.

I hope all who read enjoy and please feel free to comment.