Thursday, January 24, 2008

Christmas in Searcy

For some reason we forgot our camera at our house when we went to searcy to celebrate. I'll get to pics from my mom and brother and post later... some traditions continued and some changed but it was an awesome time with my family.
Christmas at Grandmarys
We had Christmas day lunch over at Richard's moms this year. It was so much fun and we ate way too much and then opened presents. The best was seeing Thomas open his batman costume we gave him and he couldn't wait to put it on and would not take it off the rest of the time. You know when you just hit the nail on the head with a gift... well that was mine this year. His expressions were priceless and I can't wait till Finley gets to be that age and we give her the Barbie car or dollhouse she had been wanting and to see her face light up will be worth any line we had to stand in or price we had to pay!

Daddy with his girl

Finley was due a nap

Before opening gifts

"I'm not scared of you Batman!"

The girls feasting some more

Finley loved her new stroller

But loved the green wrapping paper even more....

and the steps at Grandmarys!

Is that Thomas or Batman?

Finley's first Christmas Morning...

She loved all the attention and playing with the things Santa brought her. Papa and Granna spent the night and woke up with us on Christmas morning which was a treat. As you can see from the photos, her favorite things were her red wagon and rubber duckie!

Good Morning!

"All this... for me!!!"

Loving the wagon

Loving the wagon some more

"enough with the pictures already!!"

Friday, January 04, 2008

Merry and Bright... and busy!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season this year. We had such an sweet first Christmas with our little girl. It was so fun beginning new traditions as a family. Finley was such a trooper through all of the houses and families we went to see and actually loved the paper and tape much more than anything anyone got her. I can't wait till next year..... only 11 months to go.

I hosted Richard's family this year at our new house. Since we've been away really since we've been married I've never had the opportunity until now. It was fun and a little stressful at the same time... but it was my turn. :-) Here are some photos from our holidays...

Total Chaos!!

Finley and Emily loved their babies!

I finally got to use my fine china... it's only been 51/2 years!

Granddaddy cutting the Turkey

We all ate very well