Tuesday, September 02, 2008

First day of school.... kinda

Finley embarked on her first day of Mother's Day Out today at our church. She has been having a little bit of separation anxiety lately so I was worried about it last night and this morning but she marched in there like a big girl and immediately stole one of her friends dolls so I knew she was A-okay. (we are working on sharing right now :-) ) We had a photo shoot before we left and the pictures almost made me tear up cause the little stinker looks like such a toddler and not a baby anymore... can I get an amen!?!?! Anyways here are a few....

BTW- I sent these pics to some of my friends earlier and my friend Jordan wrote this back:

"I was worried that her backpack looked a little overwhelming, but remembering your no-textbook rule in college, I'm sure you didn't have it filled too full for her :)"

I thought it was funny and those who knew me in college know just how true that is!!

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Elizabeth said...

I would love to go to The View too! I also love Elisabeth Hasselbeck! I would go to a show with you!