Thursday, September 04, 2008

I love a lady that can throw some ZINGERS!!!

Ok just a little recap of last night.... I would post my favorite quotes from Sarah Palin's speech but I would end up posting all if it so I'll spare you.... just google it if you missed it.

I've never been a feminist or an activist for women's rights or anything like that. I think it's ignorant for people to vote for anyone based gender or race but I must say last night I was proud of the fact that she is on the ticket and she is a woman. When McCain chose Gov. Palin I had some reservations like everyone else, but the more I know about her the more I really like her. She's real and she's living the American dream!!
Also, Mike Huckabee, Arkansas favorite son, (or whatever they say) also had a great speech with some great quotes.

Great night overall at the RNC!!

p.s. if anyone reads this that has any pull please tell Ms. Palin her hair looks better down! :-)


Jordan said...

You know I'm with you 100% on this subject! Agreed, it was a great night of the GOP Convention. Who can we talk to about Palin's hair though?:)

Katie said...

Wow...look how much you've blogged lately!! I also adore Sarah Polin (and Elizabeth from the View!!). Thought she did an excellent job last night....I watched between contractions!!

Katie said...

I mean "Palin" not "Polin"....sleep deprivation!

clarkfam said...

so funny I told Zak at least three times the same thing about her hair. What is up with that "french twist" poof she wears. If I have 5 kids - I give you permission to please tell me my hair looks better down too! Oh and Elizabeth and I will be bff someday and I will get you tickets.